I want to announce that Genesis Day Care will re-open on Monday  June 8, 2020.  In order to maintain the safety of the children, we will continue to practice healthy universal precautions: Wand Washing.  As usual, we will continue to conduct cleaning throughout the day, and every night we will clean and disinfect all bathrooms and surfaces.  Toys will continue to be cleaned appropriately. We will continue to keep a large bin with bleach and water solution to place the toys that children put in their mouths.  A few safety practices will be added to our safe and safety policy.  Children's temperature will be taken upon arrival. If  a child has a temperature, the child will be sent home. Children will wash their hands as it is the norm upon arrival and dismissal.  It would be recommended that families will wear a mask upon entering the center, and to wash their hands as well.  If more than one family comes at once, we will ask to maintain social distance as we take care of family upon arrival and dismissal.  We do not want to overwhelmed anybody, but we want to make sure that everyone is kept safe as much as possible.  Please if you have any questions, text or call Ms. Carise, and she will get back to you as soon as possible. We miss you all, and hoping to see our little angels soon.

Genesis Administration