Genesis Day Care and Learning Center is a warm and welcoming, community-minded child day care and preschool facility.  We are licensed By the Department Human Services, Christian based, and Keystone Stars Participating Site.  We have been servicing  the community since March 1997.  We provide services to children regardless of their sex, race, religion, or ethnicity. Our Mission is to provide a nurturing, safe, and learning environment to promote learning to all the age groups that we serve. 

Infant-Toddler group: We help them to develop their brain through a variety of  visual manipulative, stimulating language through  nursery rhymes, expression of language, circle time, reading time, and floor play to explore the environment to foster curiosity and learning.  We do children's assessments to evaluate their progress, areas of strengths, and needs.  We share these findings with family and we use the outcome to develop individualized learning curriculum to promote learning at the child's pace.

Pre-school group: We use the Creative Curriculum aligned with Pennsylvania Learning Standards to teach Emotional Intelligence to help children to cope with frustration by using healthy coping skills.  This will reduce incidence of behavioral problems.  We have a rich and stimulating curriculum that focus on the basic subjects to prepare them to succeed when they enter school.   We have various learning centers (dramatic play) where children are encouraged to use to enhance their creativity and social skills.  We believe that shaping the children learning abilities during the formative years, will prepare  them to be equipped to perform in a demanding setting such as school settings whether they private or public. 

The  Schoolage: Participate in the Before and After School Program, the curriculum focus on personal and social issues to provide or enhance their coping skills to handle today's social and personal issues that challenge them.

Meals:  We provide nutritious meals free of charge. We do participate in the Children Adult Food Program from Pennsylvania Department of  Education.  By participating in the Children and Adult Food Program, gives us the opportunity to serve healthy meals and snacks. 

Exercise: We do structure exercise routine three times per week to teach and encourage children to keep their body healthy and strong through exercise and healthy eating habits.

Outdoor Play: We have a large  back yard for the pre-school and schoolage group to use their energy; a closed fence for the infant and toddler groups.  We have plenty of outdoor equipment to enhance large muscle skills and the continuation of learning through outdoor play. 

Arts and Crafts: Children are given plenty of opportunity to develop their artistic talents and creativity by the staff providing the necessary supplies and material they need. 

Bible Study: We have daily bible studies to teach the children about God and to help them develop a relationship with their Creator.

Family Involvement: We offer three Parent/Teacher conferences within the school year.  Parents participate in the center's enhancement program through surveys.  Parents are allowed to come in and visit any time they would love to.  However, if the child becomes too distress, we encourage the parents to limit their visits until the child feels more comfortable with the parent's visit without reacting in distress.